About Me

Marco Ramilli is a computer security scientist with an intensive hacking background. Marco has got a MD in computer engineering and a PhD on computer security at University of Bologna joint with University of California at Davis. During his PhD program he worked for US Government (@ National Institute of Standards and Technology, Security Division) where he performed intensive researches in Malware evasion techniques and penetration testing methodologies on electronic voting systems. Marco has strong experiences on penetration testing, he has been charged of testing several softwares and hardware devices, one of the most notable is uVote: a voting system from the Italian Minister of homeland security.

Marco met Palantir Technologies where he was introduced to the Intelligence Ecosystem. Marco decided to amplify his cyber security experiences by diving into SCADA security issues with some of the biggest industrial agglomerates in Italy. He finally decided to found Yoroi: an innovative Managed Cyber Security Service Provider developing some of the most amazing cyber security defence center he has ever experienced ! Nowadays Marco leads some of the most talented hethical hackers in Yoroi with a unique mission: to defend theirs customers. Marco strongly believes in: Defence Belongs To Humans.

A notable “quote” from Marco is:

“As long as humans will gain profit from cyber attacks, humans would be the ultimate line of defence.”

In 1859, Charles Darwin published “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”, suggesting that survival depends on the ability to change as environmental conditions change. Marco really believes in “The Origin of Species” so that he would empower it by introducing the “ability to defend”. As nowadays is quite clear, humanity should defend itself from Physical Space and from Cyber Space as well. As we defend our species from physical attacks we need to defend our species from Cyber Attacks. This is the main reason why he decided to dedicate his life to the Cyber Defence.