A Design Methodology for Computer Security Testing

Yes, finally the first edition of my new book is available online. The book collects 3 years of researches in the penetration testing security field. It does not describe underground or fancy techniques to attack systems, it is most focused on the state of the art in penetration testing methodologies. In other words, if you need to test a system, how do you do ? What is the first step ? What tools can be used ? Or again, what is the path to follow in order to find flaws ?The book shows many real world examples on how the described methodology has been used. For example: penetration testing on electronic voting machines, how malware did use the describe methodology to bypass common security mechanisms and attacks to reputation systems.

Contributions :

  1. Penetration Testing Methodologies Overview. 
  2. Penetration Testing Evaluation Properties.
  3. Proposed Penetration Testing Methodology.
  4. Enhanced Penetration Testing Methodology for E-Voting Systems. 
  5. Practical scenarios: Applying Penetration Testing Methodologies.
  6. Proposed Coordination-Based Approach to Electronic Voting Systems.
  7. Examples of Methodology in Real Cases.
Index (click on it to make it big):

Please if you want some information or if you have some suggestions about it, drop me an email I'll be happy to answer to your questions.