iPhone Hacking Applications.

Hello everybody.
I’m sorry if I am quite slow to upgrade my blog, but during these days I focalized my research on iPhone Applications Hacking.
It seems very difficult but the reality is much different. Well, I don’t want to write a post on that, I just wanna analyze what’s happening on iPhone field.
Well folks, at the beginning the underground community was interested to have a “Free iPhone”, that’s means an unlocked and jailbroken iPhone. An iPhone where you can install 3-rd part applications and where you can use your favorite provider. Now everybody knows that is very easy to obtain a “Free iPhone”….. (well actually, it’s not true for the iPhone 3G).. and lots of “underground people” (not necessary hackers/crackers) focalize own attention on Applications. Yep, not much people are still working on iPhone unlocking and iPhone Jailbreaking, the last trend is the Applications’ Cracking.

I know, iPhone applications cost not more than $10, so it seems to make no sense try to crack them ! Cracking an iPhone Application takes 30 minutes if you’re expert, so it’s not so convenient crack them ! It is much more expensive 30 minutes of expert hacker time ! But you know, who’s an hacker doesn’t care about that, the only think in his mind is “hack the world”.
Anyway, this is the actual iPhone trend; what will be the next one ? Maybe building own applications ?