It's time To Build Own Firmware !

Hi Folks, today the greatest news in my opinion is the iPhone PWNAGE !
Yes, Dev-Team has just done it ! Now you might build your own firmware based on Apple's one. It's extremely easy and user-friendly, right now it works "only" with MacOS 10.4.x and 10.5.x. Watch it !

That's amazing doesn't it ? The history is repeating itself.... I've seen the same "step sequence" in humax 5400(z) [hacking sky cinema and so forth], in PlayStation and XBOX [hacking before just a game and then building a complete personal boxes]. Before you try to hack the current softwares and then you want to replace the whole software with a personal one. I like this kind of stuff and I like who's investing time on that. Thank you guys.

More details:

The software is a self contained application (for MacOS 10.4.x and 10.5.x) that allows all current models of the iPhone device to be “Pwned”. This term (in relation to this software) refers to the patching of the stock bootloader so that it will allow the execution of unsigned code and circumvent code-signing checks. “Pwnage” only needs to be performed once to allow the additional features on the iPhone.
The application also processes and modifies existing Apple archives so that unique, custom rolled firmware bundles can be installed onto the “Pwned” iPhone directly from iTunes.
These ”.ipsw” files can be created and patched by the application to allow third-party modifications such as activation, application installation, baseband modification, custom phone graphics etc.
The tool works automatically on box-fresh (OTB) 1.1.3 and 1.1.4 iPhones and requires minimal interaction from the user.

Just one more question:
Where can you find this ? Here it is !

Enjoy and Stay Tuned !

!! UPDATE !!
pwnage has been delayed, here the news.