Keep Update Google Calendar Through iCal !

Hi folks,

as I told you, during these months I got no time, due to writing papers, reviewing and research, so a little but very useful post on how to sync your google calendar with your iCal. Maybe lots of you already known that, but for me it’s a great utility !

Everything has due to Google Collaboration program,  download it here. Run it. It will ask your google credentials just to take and to put your events. Select the calendars you’d like to import in your iCal and click to Add To iCal. 

Your Google Calendar will now appear in iCal’s list of calendars, and changes you make to your Google Calendar calendars in iCal will show up in Google Calendar.

Event information will automatically refresh every 5 minutes. You can change this interval by opening the iCal > Preferences > Accounts menu and selecting a new refresh interval under the ‘Refresh calendars’ drop-down. Keep in mind you can also force a refresh by selecting a calendar and pressing the Apple and R keys at the same time.

Remember, you can only add calendars that you’re allowed to make changes to in Google Calendar.
Calendars that are checked but disabled have already been added to iCal - you can remove them from within iCal.

That’s very cool !