Meta Halloween Party.

Yep, you've read well ...  META party !
The meaning of META party it's quite easy to understand, yesterday we had not a true Halloween party but a pumpkins carving party in order to prepare Halloween party ! It was very funny, thanks to "Bavech" , the landlord who has organized the party in own home. It's no so easy build your pumpkin, you gotta take it from a field and you gotta carve it following your style. As you can see there were a lot of pumpkins in the field, the first difficulty has been discover your orange pumpkin an take it from the wild field :-D. This is the big farm ......

And this, the ex-house of our orange pumpkins ! ... We got it !

Here, Ann and Lavinia. Ann is one of our best American Friends :-D. She carries us to this farm and she teaches us the "pumpkins carving theory" :-D.
Next step, painting your style on pumpkin surface ! Personally I've followed a "for dummies" template but it was so perfect for my costume !

And at the end..... after a long and wearing feat, here they are ! The carved pumpkin with light are ready to be published outside the door !

Pirate's boat ! My First Pumpkin , in the middle of our fantastics pumpkins .....