Prime III: Is It The Secure Voting Machine ?

Hi folks, today I focused my attention on Prime III, the "most secure" Voting Machine which has been ever built :-) (watch the video, please) . At first eye the system appears really well designed. The voter may vote by touch screen and/or by voice in a very intuitive way. If the touch screen has been compromised the voter uses the microphone to express her will. None can understand what the voter is doing because the Prime III links randomly the candidate's names with number of BEEP that the voter may use to cast the ballot. So for example if there are two voters at the same time that wanna vote for the same candidate they will speak different sequences of BEEP. Moreover Prime III utilizes a dynamic imposter file organization which dynamically generates random signed ballot file into a complex folders system, where only one is the correct one. The real vote folder is determined by an input key set by the election administration official. The whole system runs on SELinux versions where takes the logs informations if necessary.

The system has been designed from the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Auburn University, inside the Human Center And Computing. For this reason this system is unquestionably one of the most user-friendly and easy to use voting device. As they said eve a blind man will be able to put his vote, and this to me is amazing ! As you can see in the following image the user interface is really easy and with only one race per page, in that way is easier to figure out the correct button to press down.

At last but not least the Prime III has an easy system of video record that proves the correctness of the vote whenever there is necessity. The system doesn't record the physical voter but it records her voice and the screen giving a Video Voting Verify.
So.. it's really secure this system ? I'm going to analyze it, with a great read team.... we will see ! ;-)