Say Goodbye to robots.txt

Yesterday Automated Content Access Control bore.

It’s hard for anyone to make content available for access and use on the network without any rules…
It’s hard to follow rules if you don’t know what they are…
It’s hard to learn how to read and understand rules if you are a machine…

Search Engines fulfill to Web-Sites owners. Is this a new Wide Web Era ? I think so, I think it should be very interesting stuff to web security. Hiding whatever you want, it’s not an easy job if you’re online. Often Google, Yahoo and others grab you secret contents allowing attackers to read-and-play with them. Robots.txt is still now a not-standard but just a unofficial-convention with some web spiders; building a new standard deal is a “must” even to prevent search-engines-attacks. I totally agree with ACAP project !.
Anyway what will happen to you web-site ? Just few but important changes:

1) changes to your ‘robots.txt’ file
2) changes to content resources

If you already have a robots.tx here an easy to use converter plugIn able to translate your old robots.txt into acap standard. However if you want to use the whole ACAP powerful you should read the Technical Giude , … not so much long. Of course, don’t forget to public on your page the logo :-D