Types of Malicious Hacker

This article from infoworld shows up 7 different types of hackers offering a nice explanation. I like taxonomies and I also use to catalog hackers during my classes, depending on targets technical skills and social background (for example, political, social, religious and so forth). For this particular reason I do like Grimes' taxonomy on the Hacker Differentiation.

Roger Grimes' Hacker Taxonomy:
  1. Cyber criminals
  2. Spammers and adware spreaders
  3. Advanced persistent threat (APT) agents
  4. Corporate spies
  5. Hactivists
  6. Cyber warriors
  7. Rogue hackers
Today I suggest the small reading from infoworld, it provides a clear evidence of what are the differences between malicious hackers helping people to prevent attacks by keeping out systems from their intents.