WEB-Clicker + Proxy List

Today I received 5 emails asking about my personal WEB-Clicker.
First of all, let me explain why, people are asking for my own WEB-Clicker when you can find a lot of them just asking to google.

Most of commercial and not commercial WEB-Clickers use a simple HTML GET (or POST) to obtain the page. Nowadays the pay-per-click services use intelligent countermeasures against this attack by adding cookies and javascritp inside the page. Basically it is not enough sending a GET and wait for the response, the pay-per-click page needs some more computation (like a 3 way handshake ). For these reasons normal WEB-Clickers wont work if run on pay-per-click pages. What has needed is a true and full working browser able to compute javascript (and maybe Flash for the early future) and to store cookies.

The v0.1 is the first alpha of my WEB-Clicker script, which actually is in v2.3. I cannot share the last version, but I am sure you guys will appreciate it. You can use it as the "first brick" of your own personal WEB-Clicker, by modifying and integrate it like you want. (please lets the initial comment with my blog on it). The version 0.1 has not GUI, works only with Firefox3, resolves some common issues like: using different proxy servers, running multiple Firefox's sessions per time and building run time Firefox's profiles.

Ah, almost forgot ... The zip file (WEB-CLICKER_V0.1) wraps sources and a nice Proxy List.

Here it is: WEB-CLICKER_V0.1