We know, 
MAC and MAC’s developer are always one (or more) steps above the others OS :-D. You can understand that also seeing the new MAC application that keep out. 
Try to use QuickSilver, it’s the most used Application Luncher for OS X, it’s fast easy to use and mouse independent. But if you wanna be old style guy (100100110) maybe it’s better Linux shell and not transform a really nice MAC in a rude shell black and green ! 
Instead SAPIENS is a revolutionary Application Luncher. No more DOCK, no more Application Bar, just your mouse and your hand. One mouse circle and , here it is !! a nice and intelligent application luncher for you. Do you wanna open some file with some not default programs ? No problem, keep it, move the icon in a circle and you are able to select the favorite application ! It’s really amazing, I’m using it and I can say Watch the demo video here