Hi folks, yesterday I bought my first iPhone.
It’s great, with a lot of functionality and  security is really high 😀 😀 :-D. But while I was looking inside the File System, just for studying embedded architecture …, I realized that a mysterious file named master.password was inside the /private/etc/ folder.

Well, intrigued I opened it and …. Yep, an old passwd style file appeared in front of me.

Wow, it’s really secure !! Yep, there’s written about single-user but….. iPhone is embedded System it’s running in single-user !!! :-D. So could be interesting understand how much is the password secure…. Maybe apple puts a really strong passwords !
Let me try with John on my poor old PowerBook G4.

Ohhh, The password is really really strong and so hard to guess, how  have hackers discovered it ?!? (I’m kidding)
Well, I’d like emphasize two posts in order to answer at this rhetoric question, the first one  one of my old post and the second one , a great post on password security by Ann. Security Evangelist are really useful in current security-era .