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another big news from ipodtouchfans, a new Audio Line Input has been discovered, this allow many applications run and maybe also VoIP applications. From touchmods.blog.com the first amplificator schema :

A little description:
– 13, 26 and 29 are the pin indices of the Dock Connector.
– The Resistor above the mic could be between 1 and 5kOhm, depending on your mic
– The capacitors C1 and C2 should be above 1microPharad, any vale is ok.

The picture quality is not the best, as it was made in a fast way on my N770 using the amazing Xournal noteTaker.
Anyway, what is important, in case you plan to build everything inside the Dock Connector, you will need to make a PCB that is all-in-all less than 3.5x 8x 16mm, as the internal height of the Dock Connector is 3.5mm. Not to mention that the position of the PCB will be also restricted (centralized) by the pins inside the plug. A smart solution would be to leave the PCB out and to put the resistors directly onto the legs of the IC. Doc connector available here

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