Some time I cannot understand why people don’t want reading normal and easy paper but they prefer asking (in this case -to me-) a lot of obvious things. During these days I received some mails asking how to change system administrator properties. In particular case some of my “old” student wanna know how to fix time on users accounts using linux OS. Well, just 2m of google research and I found lots of great paper on this problem. Anyway the most easiest way to fix the time ,on user accounts, is using by Andrew G. Morgan. Keep in mind that the main useful file is in /etc/security/time.conf .

Here an easy example :


To limit ssh access from 23:00PM to 08:00AM -favorite hacker’s time- you can write the following lane


The !Al term means, anything axcept “All the days”.

Another great example could be the following one:


It permits people from 4PM to 8PM all the days except the root.

If I can suggest something to you; remember that the initial hardening time is one of the most important procedure to increase security on your machines. be careful.

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