Obviously you can think on the link between the absolute guru Peter G. Neumann and the elevator of my Miami Beach Hotel. Well, it make sense absolutely, let me say…….

Was a sunny and really hot day in Miami Beach (Florida) during the 23th ACSAC conference. It was the first conference’s day, I was exited to stay in the 17th floor of  a very very hight Hotel in front of the ocean. I took the elevator coming in the “East Ocean” room in order to assist at the first talk. Inside at the big elevator an old man looked me with a strange smile and he asked me:

Hi, How’s going

He looked to my neck-id and said again:

Marco, nice to meet you. I’m Peter Neumann

I was astonished, paralyzed, I cannot imagine that he was the “true” Neumann and so I said:

Hello Peter, my name is Marco from University of Bologna

He smiled, as a person who known that I didn’t recognized a famous personality like him….
Only after few seconds I recognized that he was truly he. Perplexed, I followed him and I said:

Sorry I didn’t recognize you

I tried to improvise few minutes of speaking and at-the-end I asked a little autograph on my proceedings. Now I got it.
I’m really proud to show this on my blog.

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