Hi folks,
Today I wanna point out another easy script written in perl for my iPhone “attack” Framework.
The following script is an easy UDP flodder. I know, maybe having an UDP flodder in our framework it’s not a big deal and sincerely I think it’s not so much useful. Anyway, guarantee the framework completeness could be a great justification to this little work.

Well, after these few perl files I’ll focus my brain on another perl problem: backdoor’s one. I wanna write not a specific and “perfect” backdoor, but an easy and really portable backdoor within minimal and poor code. As you’ve seen I’m not a IO:Socket fan I prefer the standard Socket package. This sentence to underline the simplicity of the code that I’m going to write. Often completeness is synonymous of hard to read and to understand, this time I’m running to make an complete “attack” framework easy to read and for this reason easy to understand.