Maybe the today’s most important news is about the iPhone 1.1.2 unlocking. You can find a lot of stuff around the NET. But I found another interesting “hack” against Windows Vista that, to me, is very important and in same way really funny. It’s passing in second way, of course the iPhone Unlocking is the Topic of The Day. For this reason I’m writing on Vista: How To Use Legally Windows Vista for One Year, WithOut License.
It’s seems pretty easy:
1) Start -> Execute, type sysprep /generalize.
Now, rebooting you PC you’ll have others 30 days of evaluation time. :-D. This procedure has been called rearm of the machine and you can do it 3 times. When your 90 days are going to expire you can look into Windows register 😉 .
2) Open your’ regedit and find the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SL

Now change SkipRearm to 1, for instance: (DWORD: 00000001). Now with administrator rights type Sysprep /generalize, reboot your system and after that using slmgr –xpr you can recognize when your Vista will expire.

Now you can use it for a long time……. but I’m pretty sure that you’ll format it as soon as this hack will work.