Hi folks,
as I announced some posts ago I worked on a very easy and simple Perl BackDoor.

This one is another script to add at iPhone’s Perl Framework. Well, I really don’t know how it could be useful, but having a pretty complete framework sounds very interesting. As you can see it’s pretty easy; no encoded code, no useless variables, no obfuscating and so on. Let me try with a little example.
First of all on your iPhone start a NetCat BackDoor on port 2000 like the following picture:

Then inject the previous perl shell on target computer and link out it on your iPhone, for example:

execution string: perl shell.pl 20000

After the connection on yours iPhone shell appears the “welcome message” :

Now you got the attacked computer.

Pretty nice, isn’t it ?
Some of you guys, are still asking where it’s possible to download the entire framework, well actually I haven’t posted it in someplace because before I wanna finish it. Anyway, I’ll write you back when I’ll finish it !

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