Hi folks,
I’m sorry but for some days I’ll not upgrade my blog because I’ll travel along the world :). A long flight from San Francisco to Philadelphia and another even longer from Philadelphia to Milan and then car to Cesena. Last time that I flu with U.S Airways my flight takes 4 days from Milan to San Francisco with a lost Luggage and two missed plane. Now I hope the travel will be really different and I hope that 15/16 hours will be enough. But… as my friend Ryan usually says ….. Who Knows ?? HeHe. Anyway, I will stay for another wile in Italy (one of the best places in the world) working on Security in Network Security Laboratory. And why not if some companies needs a Security Engineer for a wile, it will be welcomed. Then ? I will travel, as usually.

I’ll start to write again from next week, probably from Monday morning (Whatever morning will mean ).
So… so far, thank you California see you soon. I will back !

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