Hi Folks, this morning I wanna point out this incredible fact. I ‘ve just found from freedom-to-tinker these important documents which show the Sequoia AVC disease. The evidence of errors is clear in the “summary tape” printed by Sequoia Voting Machine. The following picture represent the total votes casted for candidate.

As you can see the on the Democratic side, the tally is Obama 182, Clinton 179 while on the Republican side it’s Giuliani 1, Romney 13, McCain 40, Paul 3 and Huckabee 4. Right now nothing strange. (I mean , aving the results of the ballot isn’t save, Covert Channel Attacks …. anyway this’s another topic). But, if you try to analyze the result paper you’ll agree with me that something doesn’t work. Lemme show.

Above is the “Option Switch Totals” section, which shows the number of times each party’s ballot was activated: 362 Democratic and 60 Republican. Something doesn’t work. Lemme counts what’s happening.

On one side: 1+13+40+3+4 = 61 and not 60 !! 

On the other side 182 + 179 = 361 and not 362 !!!

That’s amazing, the totals are right but the singular tally counts are wrong. I wanna point out that this’s a really big problem, if each machine makes this kind of mistakes, at the end of the election’s day there will be huge wrong results. Moreover we don’t know which is the nature of the problem, I mean, in this case the Democratic gain 2 more votes, but who assure us that the Machine’s errors will be linear ? What will happen if the error is exponential ? I totally agree with all the people who say:

What’s alarming here is not the size of the discrepancy but its nature.

It’s not all.
What you can observe from the results, a lot (all?) of results are wrong and a lot of (all?) counts are in favor of Democratic party. Again it’s not all !!! According to freedom to tinker (cited above) , Sequoia’s vendor is trying to prevent any independent investigation of what happened sending this kind of mail, also quoted below.
Dear Professors Felten and Appel:
As you have likely read in the news media, certain New Jersey election officials have stated that they plan to send to you one or more Sequoia Advantage voting machines for analysis. I want to make you aware that if the County does so, it violates their established Sequoia licensing Agreement for use of the voting system. Sequoia has also retained counsel to stop any infringement of our intellectual properties, including any non-compliant analysis. We will also take appropriate steps to protect against any publication of Sequoia software, its behavior, reports regarding same or any other infringement of our intellectual property.
Very truly yours,
Edwin Smith
VP, Compliance/Quality/Certification
Sequoia Voting Systems

At the end, Sequoia issued a memo explaining what happened. Actually I have no comments (or maybe too much……) on this document, please watch out it alone. 
Just last thought: Is It Sequoia the new Robin Hood ?