Today I found another incredible forward step branded iPhone: IPSWTool. Thanks to this amazing tool you can build your own Firmware; pre-installing software, making different partitions and so forth. Let’s look it !

1) Installer
2) BigBoss
3) CrashX

1) OpenSSH
2) InternationalFix
3) BBInfo

1) Cydia
2) BSD SubSystem

And at least but not last the Scheme Partitions where you can decide your own partition’s table in easy and graphical way. After the previous iPhone PWNAGE phase you might be able to upload your just-built-in firmware on it. I know, here you can find some “hand steps” in order to build your own firmware too, but I haven’t tried it yet because I really want to wait for this smart tool which will help you in these “dirty steps” . So, I’m looking forward to download it !