Hi Folks, today I wanna point out a nice report on new eMail Frauds.
The report has been signed Commtouch Cafe, a company founded in 1991 dedicated to protecting the integrity of the world’s most widespread form of communication, e-mail. The most interesting section is the second one called “Spammers, Fraudsters and Malware Writers Hide within Third-Party Sites and Senders”, I suggest a fast reading about that, in such way you can see and test some real example of:

1) Hotmail Welcome Letters Camouflage Pharma Spam
2) Spammers Cloak Site-links in Search Result URLs
3) Google Redirects to Porn Malware Site
4) Spammer Uses Flickr to Host Spam Images
5) 419 Scams & Spearphishing Use Google & Yahoo! Calendar Standards
6) Blogspot Redirects to Malware Sites

The report is pretty short and very easy to read, it’s not extremely complete but it provides a wide range of reflection .