Hi folks, today some little but useful applications to improve your network control on your own MAC.

The first one is a Proxy TCP connection: iBouncelT
is a tool for proxying tcp connections through open socks servers. You can start as many bouncers as you need, each one listening on a different local port. Supported clients include ssh, telnet, rsh, rlogin, rcp, irssi. iBounceIT is distributed as Universal Binary so you can run it on both PowerPC and Intel platforms. iBounceIT is freeware and opensource. iBounceIT is a frontend for the unix tool sbouncer

is a AppleScript Studio application for Mac OS X 10.4 (PowerPC and Intel). Older versions of Mac OS X have not been tested. With RouteSplit you can add a static route, test it and optionally install a launchd startup script in your system in order to preserve the route settings after reboots.

is an IPFW firewall frontend for Mac OS X with a easy interface and many options. Features include dynamic rules, bandwidth management, NAT configuration and port redirection, pre-defined rule sets and a wizard for easy configuration. You can also watch logs and graphic statistics. Rules configurations and network options can be saved and optionally activated at boot time.
With WaterRoof setting up a dual-homed firewall with Mac OS X has never been so easy…

iSteg is an encryption tool that allows the user to hide a file inside a jpeg picture. This encryption technology is called steganography. iSteg is a frontend for the opensource tool outguess 2.0.
iSteg can be used to both encode and decode a hidden file.
iSteg is a Universal binary application, so it can be used natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

DummyMac :
is a bandwidth manager. You can limit inbound/outbound bandwidth choosing a port range. Very useful for dialup connections. You can download with BitTorrent, surf the web and iChat without getting mad with lag and timeouts. DummyMac is a frontend for the traffic shaping module “Dummynet”, included in ipfw 2, the built-in Mac OS X firewall software.