Hi folks, today I wanna point out this interesting tool built to be a great Audit tool .
It’s a kind of cool for me, let’s see the little official description :

Lynis is an auditing tool for Unix (specialists). It scans the system configuration and creates an overview of system information and security issues usable by professional auditors.

So, after having downloaded it I tried to use it on MAC OS X Leopard. Yep, as the documentation says, it works great under leopard

An interactive shell starts asking to you if you’re ready to go … … … … OK let me analyze my system !

After some (maybe better to say … lots …) [ENTER] the program returns some results. Everything seems to work rightly, and nothing infected seems to be detected .

So far, I’ve not tried to put a fake shell or a rootkit, so I’m not sure it works properly, BUT , you know, I’ve found no time to this kind of test. So, please try to do that by yourself and if it works properly –also with the last malwares– lemme know please !!