Lulu, was in UCDavis this winter doing some filming. I know, that’s so cool ! Unfortunately I’ve not seen her but Matt Bishop Yes ! She did some filming inside his class this winter and was really exiting. Anyway, this is the link of her work: [NOT] Voting in an American Town. The study shows some interesting things, like for example the 10 reasons why americans don’t participate in Elections.

So, she says about that :
1) There’s a lack in CONNECTION
2) Connection is created through INFORMATION & EDUCATION
3) Education & Information can be provided by the media (unfortunately..) THE MEDIA IS OFTEN BIASED & FOCUSED ON TRIVIA
4) And, of course, it takes TIME
5) To find accurate, comprehensive sources of information. Everyone knows that time is …. MONEY
6) Which may people feel controls politics and leads to …. DISHONESTY
7) Uninformed, disenchanted voters tune out ant turn to … DISTRACTIONS.
8) They don’t feel motivate to make an effort. On top of this.. THE VOTER REGISTRATION SYSTEM IS A CONFUSING OBSTACLE COURSE
9) Run by partisan selected officials who discuss the issue of .. NEGATIVE TONE
10 ) Who control and implement UNRELIABLE VOTING EQUIPMENT

That’s not all, if you follow the reading on the official site you’ll find other interesting stuff, like for example: the 4 reasons american still participate in an election, and the 10 step toward election reform.

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