Hi Folks, during these days, I’ve been working on some emulators stuff .
There are many places where you can find lots of information about emulators but most of all are just fake web site that wanna steal your money. The first site that I suggest is EMU-ZONE where you might find some useful notes on all type of emulators. Another great place to look out, if you’re looking for a emulator which runs over MAC OS X, is victoly . Here you find everything you need to emulate every platform on you own MAC.
There are emulators for each console, using a simple Torrent Client you’ll have no problem to download the ROM to play with, BUT there is still a mystery over the WII emulators.

On one hand there are plenty wii fakes around the net, like for example the following one:

On the other hand there are also lots of site that write about new wii emulators, like for example: WIIEMU, Nintendo WII Emulator, EMUWII, The Vintage Gaming Network
and WIISO. If there’re so many people working on it and speaking about it, at-the-end-of-the-day is there someone who can emulate WII over a PC ? Unfortunately each of this sites says nothing really useful to emulate Nintendo WII. So what I’ve seen: surf to WIISO.com to download the ISO torrent of the “ripped” games (a WII game is more than 4GB, so this process will be pretty slow) and use Dolphin to emulate the WII console. Dolphin works only on Windows and it still have some big incompatibility problems on “drivers” “.NET” and so forth… But if you’re lucky and if the forum’s folks want help you you’ll get a great wii console on your mobile laptop.

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