Hey folks, as you probably know hulu works great in US especially if you don’t have a digital TV. Some time happens that your wireless internet connection is weak, mainly if you are living in a flat and surfing through your neighbor access point, and you get difficult to watch your favorite movie. In this scenario what you need is to download hulu stream video during afternoon and watch it offline in your favorite night.

I’ve tried a lot of softwares around internet but none is great as “Hulu Video Downloader” is:

You can download Hulu Video Downloader 3.23 for free here. To have the full functionality access you should pay a fair fee, but if you just want to download streams from websites without any additional conversions “Hulu Video Downloader”is what you’re looking for . Extremely easy and extraordinary intuitive, allows you to download one stream per time. Unfortunately exist only for Windows, so if you’re a MAC user, like me, you need a virtual windows machine equipped to download and to convert web streams.

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