Hi Folks,
as you know I’m not a Windows User, but when I find something interesting on “Windows Side” (I usually say “windows side” for W. users and “Mac side” for M. users)I wont stop me writing something about it. During these days I’ve been involved in a Forensic committee on some Windows machines. It was the first time that a guy showed me this amazing windows forensic tool called RunAlyzer. Its “international” web site shows that the project is pretty known in different countries (since there are a lot of different languages and testimonials) and it seems very well supported, in terms of documentation, wiki and forums.

The software is very intuitive even if explores very technical details about Windows OS. I personally found this software very useful since you can analyze and manage real time processes, explore Windows Reg’s KEY, services, logs and much more. (take a close look to the follow image by clicking over it)

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