Hi Folks,
today it’s my last day in DC ! I very enjoined DC, the city is wonderful and the working opportunities are huge. Even the weather it’s not so bad ! Tomorrow morning I’ll leave at 5AM (trying to avoid DC traffic), destination Davis, CA. I’ll try with the old and classic road, the Route 66. I hope my 2002 Ford Explorer will “strong enough” to cross the rocky mountains!

So basically I’ll read mails every evening from 7PM to 9PM, Probably I’ll not present on IM for 2 weeks and probably it will be difficult to me uploading my blog till December 15th.

Today my blog reached 280 visits per day all around the world, that’s a lot for me ! So stay tuned even if you will not read much news from my blog during these two weeks.

California’s Click Per Day. November 30th, 9:40 AM

To all the Californian readers, I’ll back and I’ll glad to meet you in somewhere in norten California, if you like that, please let a comment below, I’ll contact you soon !

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