Hi Folks,
in these two past days I received a lot of comments of my pretty old AVFucker tool. It is a little project written some years ago for an “underground community” to fuck AVs using the “replace byte signature” techniques. Some people would like to see this software in multi platform version and not only a Windows Dependent executable (wow .. it should be very old… I don’t write something for windows from years.. really). Well, I don’t know why they need it in a platform independent language, the “replace byte signature” techniques (pretty old) works only for Windows PE …. so why an independent software for changing PE files ? Anyway, since there are plenty requests I don’t care, here the link to the new AVFucker written in Java. 😀

The interface is pretty much the same, 4 steps as usual.

11 thoughts on “ AVFucker New Version ”

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