Day after day, ATM machine’s attacks become even more difficult to detect .
At the beginning cloning devices were easy to recocgnize since they were very different from the original machine’ s card reader. Now they look like the original ATM card readers (see the following scary pictures).

The wireless reader is on the top of the original one (on the bottom right of the picture). Same color, same dimension, same looks at all. It has been forged for this particular brand. The phone on the top has an extra battery pack and through BlueTooth reads the ATM cards. It uses a simple java application to write an email within ATM’s code and the pin number to he attacker.
This is another example on DIEBOLD ATM wireless cloned reader. On board it looks like that:

Disassembled looks like that :


Please be aware that these attacks day by day become more common. If you see something weird on you usual ATM machine call 911, the risk is increasing a lot.

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