Hello folks,
we are really close to release a new version of RoboAdmin (http://roboadmin.sourceforge.net).
The next version will have a Graphic User Interface ! In this way will not be so difficult to configure everything ! A nice GUI will be setup to increase the database management and than, a run and stop service button avoiding the annoy java CLI . Unfortunately I discovered some people are using RoboAdmin to manage evil botnets and this is bad… RoboAdmin doesn’t want to be used as an hacking tool, but contrary it wanna be a secure tool for system administrators.
As everything in Security the risk to make something which could be used to bad purpose is very high, for instance you can use nmap for monitoring your own network or you can use it as first step of an intrusion. Again you can use metasploit to check your system vulnerabilities or to hack the google network … A lot of security tools might be used as a penetration tester or as attacker in the same way. We are sorry about that, but it is not our responsibility if people use it as hacking tool.

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