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I am sorry for a week off. Today I am sick, but I would like to point out this interesting post: PayPal Freezes Cryptome’s Account.
PayPal has confiscated donations made to Cryptome since February 24, 2010. The donations have have been refunded by Cryptome rather than leave them in the untrustworthy control of PayPal for purposes contrary to those of the donors. The total refund was about $5,300, not much but a peak in donations.The timing of the confiscation corresponds to the recent Microsoft-Network Solutions copyright imbroglio and public attention given to the lawful spying guide series including those of PayPal. PayPal’s legal agreements describe a wide range of prohibitions — among them DMCA infringement, counter-terrorism, violations of AUP and catch-alls — for use of its services and urges reporting of violations. It “limits” (suspend and/or close) an account without fully explaining the reasons, some of which may be secret under spying law, others kept confidential to avoid law suits or bad publicity. [ … ]
This is interesting to know šŸ˜€

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