Hi Folks,

I would like to invite you to ISCC 2010 IEEE conference in Italy (22 to 25 of June). The conference will be placed in Riccione, Italy.
Friends of mine told me it will be very interesting since there are a lots of important “Keynote Speakers“. Marco Prandini and I will present “Toward a practical and effective security testing methodology“, here the abstract:

Abstract—Security testing is an important step in the lifetime
of both newly-designed and existing systems. Different
methodologies exist to guide testers to the selection, design,
and implementation of the most appropriate testing procedures
for various contexts. Typically, each methodology stems from
the specific needs of a particular category of actors, and consequently
is biased towards some aspect of peculiar interest. This
work compares the most commonly adopted methodologies
to point out their strengths and weaknesses, and, building
on the results of the performed analysis, proposes a path
towards the definition of an integrated approach, by defining
the characteristics that a new methodology should exhibit in
order to combine the best aspects of the existing ones.

If you are planning to come let me know we will organize something fun together !

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