Hi Folks,

during the past week I’ve been working hard on several projects. One of them is called MouseGlove and now is available the version 0.1 here on sourceforge (http://mouseglove.sourceforge.net). If you are a developer grab my source and improve it !
Lets take a look to MouseGlove V0.1

MouseGlove is an open source project for a new generation of mouse. The goal of this project is to provide an open source hardware and software stimulating new developers to improve the usability of computers through new interfaces. MouseGlove is a new kind of interface born for helping people affected by disabilities who cannot use common interfaces such as mouse and keyboard. MouseGlobe offers a natural way to move the screen pointer, click and drag objects. Each action is natural as using your hands to keep, move and touch real objects on a desktop. I encourage every developer to grab my source code and electronics and build an improved version of MouseGlove, keeping alive the next generation of computer mouse interfaces.

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