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the new RoboAdmin version is available to http://roboadmin.sourceforge.net . Very soon will be available for free a VMware Virtual Machine (Ubuntu 10) within the GUI version of RoboAdmin pre-compiled.
Actually we’re doing experiments on the different bundles to come up with different scenarios depending on which system RA is going to administrate. The results are really not bad, it’s pretty fast and pretty cheap, in term of CPU, Memory and Threads. Take a look to the following graphs which explain what already said:

In the loading phase we are under 2%. The Loading phase is when RoboAdmin loads the selected bundles into memory. It performs: Loading, Service Connection, Authentication and Session Creation. Again everything under 2% CPU.

As you see we don’t generate much entropy at all :D. We don’t mess up the Memory layout by creating few threads.

Even during the “user simulation phase”, where Eliza intelligence starts up running is old and weak IA algorithm, RoboAdmin is under 5% of CPU usage.

And finally during the code execution phase we are below 6% ! The execution phase is the most important and, of course, expensive one. RoboAdmin needs to translate the administrator will into computer commands and has to send back the command results to the administrator, using the predetermined private channel.

So far so good. I will post the paper as soon as possible for whom is interested on the project.

Stay tuned . . . . . .

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