After a perfect memorial weekend in San Diego, I’ve been busy with some working projects which are going to be concluded by the end of the month. I am writing a couple of papers for IEEE conferences and two more articles for IEEE magazines which keeps me busy till the end of the next week. So basically this is the main reason because my blog has been “silent” for some weeks. After this busy ongoing week it will be time, for me, to pack everything again and move back to Europe for some unpredictable time.
For all the companies that are working with me (requesting penetration testing), even if they’ve never seen me, don’t worry everything will be like the same, you will not feel my movements. Let’s do like we always done, I’ll check emails at least 3 per day. ;]

Said that, I will try to write some “post” more frequently than what I did in the past few weeks.

BTW, San Diego is a very pretty city. Probably one of my top 10 places to live … this means I’ll back ! 😉

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