Urlvoid (beta version at the moment) is a free service that scan suspicious websites with multi engines to check if the site is safe to browse. In URLvoid concept the safety is given also by the reputation of the web site, in fact it does use AV engines and Reputation engines. Here the engines it uses so far: McAfee SiteAdvisor, McAfee Trusted Source, PcTools Browser Defender, Norton SafeWeb, MyWOT, Threat Log, MalwareDomainList, hpHosts, ZeuS Tracker, Google Diagnostic, PhishTank, Project Honey Pot, ParetoLogic, Spamhaus, URIBL, Malware Patrol, SURBL, SpamCop, TrendMicro Web Reputation, Web Security Guard.
So what does it think to my blog ?

SUSPICIOUS … Of course ! Nah…. really ? NovirusThanks, probably one of the most used right now, thinks that my blog is totally safe.

But as you can see from the image it did 16 checks against the 19 of URLVoid. So what is the weird check which makes trigger AV on my blog ?

MyWOT reputation engine believes that my site is suspicious, so not really safe. Interesting.. So why does it believe that ?…. If you try to analyze my blog with MyWOT you will find a very interesting thing, marcoramilli.blogspot.com has one of the highest score in trustworthiness, but it is below the average on the following categories:
  1. Vendor Reliability (53)
  2. Privacy (54)
  3. Child Safety (42)
Now, I cannot have the point (1) since I am not a vendor and you wont buy anything from this blog … (54 points ? who give me those points ?). Point 2 what does it mean privacy ? That I write about privacy ? that I theft your privacy ? That I wanna privacy ? Anyway I got 54 points… And Child Safety, this makes me laugh :D. So what does this means 42 points ? Let’s say that pornography is 100 (even if pornography does not matter with safety, at least with “bad education”.. but anyway.. they use this practical categorization…) I got 42, so my site is close enough to be half porno blog, right? Which means that half posts are on pornography ….humm….. But it is one of the best in trustworthiness … well that’s cool ! I didn’t know to write so spicy posts 😀 😀 .

Anyway, pay attention to evaluate your URL with these toys and to buy this kind of services. Before doing that, you have to keep in mind that Virus and Malware, once discovered, are pretty easy to detect. But the reputation of a web site is still a great and huge Research topic, probably still far from a good and usable product.

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