Probably the word “Hide” is not completely correct since iPhone asks you to enable GeoLocator for each application.But How many times we use GMAPS or a navigation system to find places around us ? I do a lot . For this simple reason my GeoLocator is always switched on, but I am pretty sure that tons of people out of here forget it “on” even if they don’t use GPS or GMAPs. Anyway, I’ve just realized that GeoLocator embeds GPS coordinates into your images and not in separate file/format… What does it mean ? Plenty of online pictures hide their geo location ! This is pretty scary under my view.
One of the best application for IMAGE forensic is called Exif Viewer and is reachable here. This tool enables the user to watch most of the information encoded into images, such as GPS location !

Here a full example of what I mean (click the following image to magnify it).

Pretty impressive right ?
Please watch out to your geolocation option whatever SMART-phone you got or everybody will know where you were forever.
We are moving again, from where we are, aka everybody know what we are doing (Facebook and Twitter) to a new even more interactive world where the mass will know what we are doing, what we are seeing and where we are. Well …. not scary at all ??

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