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today I wanna point out this funny and interesting web site where a group of students have taken a Sequoia AVC-Edge and turned into a PAC-MAN console.
Tampering with voting devices is not original by itself; the authors of the paper ” Practical AVC-Edge CompactFlash Modifications can Amuse Nerds ” (the same authors of the aforementioned web site ) admitted that by reporting on their great presentation (link of the presentation) during the EVT/WOTE 2010 conference the “story of voting device hacking”. However they did a great job by hacking the machine, moreover the presentation was really fun !

How did they reprogram the machine ?

The original election software used the psOS+ embedded operating system. We reformatted the memory card to boot DOS instead. (Update: Yes, it can also run Linux.) Challenges included remembering how to write a config.sys file and getting software to run without logical block addressing or a math coprocessor. The entire process took three afternoons.

Good job guys !

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