After 4 emails in a row I decided to write this little post on connector 3. Of course I am talking about iPhone 3G(s). Some friends of mine asked me how to reassemble the connector 3 once you disconnected from it the speaker cable.

Actually, it is not hard really. You just need to remember that the connector has 2 positions: (1) Closed position, where it holds the cable and (2) Open position, where it lets free the cable to move-in and to move-out. With a little and flat screwdriver you might be able to shift it from position (1) to position (2) and vice-versa. Please watch out, this operation is pretty delicate. Once you got your connector on position (2) you can try to put inside the cable number 3 into it without disassembly anything. The connector has been developed in the way that its cable will fits perfectly, so do not worry you can fit it without any additional disassembly operations.
My trick. I lay the left size of the cable on the connector. I push it little bit hard assuring the left side of the cable fits in. Then I force a little bit the right size of the cable. By forcing the right size, the left one will go back a little bit but I got the result that all the cable is into the connector. After I got that, I just push all the cable into the connector. It’s time to switch the connector to position (0).
Here a little curiosity; the iPhone connectors 3 (the number 3) are not all equals.

Well, I don’t know why, probably a different productions ? Or does Apple changed production company on the way ?
But anyway, it happens that you might broke the connector 3, so If you need a new one, here you can buy it . Here is gonna be pretty difficult. I’ve never broken the connector number 3, so I have no experience on its replacement. I can only suggest you this web site, it explains pretty well how to do that. Have a nice assembly ! 😀

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  1. @Anonymous, there is Open an Close Position, but you need to push in the right way. If your connector is on the “close” position and you push to close it, you will break it (of course) !

    Don't give away your faults !

  2. Don't listen to this “technician”! i just broke connector 3 because of his “advices” (there is no open / close position – you try to lift it up and say goodbye to plastic cover and at least 1 pin)!!!


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