I did not go to Nancy (Malware2010), France to present my paper on MultiStage Malware, because France is totally unaccessible cause global strikes. I will definitely wanna try next year, I really would like to present (in person) some works of mine to Malware conference. This year I sent back a video within my presentation… nothing really exiting, I know. I wanna apologize to all the folks who are watching right now the presentation.
Fortunately or not, I have another backup travel to Milan. During this time period I had two overlapping travels, so died the first one I’ve switched on the second one. The second one is to SMAU 2010 to present another work of mine. Lets go there and see if Italian railways are better than the French ones… for tomorrow…
I will be at SMAU tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.. If you are in Milan please come to say hello ! 🙂

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