Hi folks,
today I wanna point out Windows AutoPWN. The goal of the tool is pretty clear:

Autohack your targets with least possible interaction.

Window AutoPWN born to take automatic the way of exploiting windows platforms. It works pretty well, you just need to enter the target IP (or host name) and the local IP (or host name); after that only some optional field such as: CMS path, PHP remote shell, FTP username and proxy. By clicking on the WINAUTOPWN button and everything is done.

The basic concept behind this tool is the same of metasploit auto-exploit plugin. Basically it performs a port scanning within enabled queries, this techniques allows the program to discover what service is hid behind such a port number. Once the program knows what services have been installed on the machine it tries all the possible exploits over the specific ports; one by one. Of course this procedure is not smart at all, it is time and resource consuming, but it is totally automatic. If the launched exploit goes right the program (automatically) spawn a back-tcp-shell to the attacker giving shell control over the victim.

Again, this is not clever, in fact if you try to use this technique in a real hacking scenario you probably will catched from IDS/IPS or Anti-malware behavior analysis tools. On the other hand this is perfect as the first step of penetration testing.

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