Sooner or later this would happen: Federals accidentally saved body scan images. I didn’t speak with Bruce Schneier, but I am pretty sure he would laughed. This seems so obvious to me… but anyway, lets see what happened.

TSA has said over and over again that body imagers used for security purposes are unable to store, export or print images of passengers.But this week, The U.S. Marshals Service admitted that it had accidentally saved tens of thousands of images recorded on a machine used at a security checkpoint in a Florida courthouse. According to this article on CNET :

“William Bordley, an associate general counsel with the Marshals Service, acknowledged in the letter that ‘approximately 35,314 images…have been stored on the Brijot Gen2 machine’ used in the Orlando, Fla. federal courthouse. In addition, Bordley wrote, a Millivision machine was tested in the Washington, D.C. federal courthouse but it was sent back to the manufacturer, which now apparently possesses the image database.”

Here please find the original article and the original video made by GIZMODO crew. For more information Discovery and NPR.

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