This article from infoworld shows up 7 different types of hackers offering a nice explanation. I like taxonomies and I also use to catalog hackers during my classes, depending on targets technical skills and social background (for example, political, social, religious and so forth). For this particular reason I do like Grimes’ taxonomy on the Hacker Differentiation.

Roger Grimes’ Hacker Taxonomy:
  1. Cyber criminals
  2. Spammers and adware spreaders
  3. Advanced persistent threat (APT) agents
  4. Corporate spies
  5. Hactivists
  6. Cyber warriors
  7. Rogue hackers
Today I suggest the small reading from infoworld, it provides a clear evidence of what are the differences between malicious hackers helping people to prevent attacks by keeping out systems from their intents.

5 thoughts on “ Types of Malicious Hacker ”

  1. wow… i just read this article… (is in spanish) but its about hackers that atack 150 economy french ministery computers… (use google translator to read it) hackers

  2. Marco. I was seeing a lot of “Adbrite” links and popups on this and some other pages, all linking to “Get rich quick” sites and bearing no resemblance to the highlighted words. Perhaps Blogger or Adbrite were working on something. At the time, it looked like hacker number 2 – “Spammers and adware spreaders” had gained access somewhere. Perhaps I'm paranoid from reading too many security blogs 🙂

  3. Hi Marco. Not like you to have “Get Rich Quick” adwords in your blog. Did you disclose too much information while talking to hacker no. 2 🙂

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