Today during my daily blog tour I found out an amazing GDB hacking guide. The difference between a hacking guide and an user manual is in the way they are represented (or written). A user manual is for totally newbies, for people who have just been introduced to the topic. The user manual is much more complete if compared to an hacking guide which aims to sum-up highlights (or the most used functions) without explaining the “why” and the “when” you should use such a functions. Basically is a list of useful commands (or options): it’s supposed you know how to use them. I personally prefer IDA Pro over every debuggers, not really for particular reasons (well, there are plenty reasons because I prefer IDA, but I wont fall into comparing products ) but just because I started with IDA and I never felt the need to change debugger. This doesn’t mean that IDA is always the best solution, in fact GDB is a great and widely used debugger. It’s mainly command-line based (as the previous picture shows) but many unofficial GUI have been developed over time (as the following picture shows) bringing GDB intuitive and easy to use as IDA is.

Just for memories

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