I’ve been working on Zeus Malware for a while ( lets see here , here and here ) but I’ve never known that its source code is now for sale ! Transcript of the post:



Selling full source code of the latest Zeus Bot from author for cheap price. I do not sell bins.



LR / WMZ / WU (Any verified escrow service accepted)


ICQ 60[removed]9345

JABBER ioo[at]ja[removed].com

PS. Awaiting for admin verification…


This is, on one hand good because researchers could take a closer look to what it does and how it has been so spread, on the other hand it could be the base for a enhanced Zeus, which of course is not a good news at all. In fact we wont forget Murofet: the Zeus’s “ancestor” (or son ?).

If it’s true is going to be a huge news but as the CSIS said, this is a very much “AS IS” news, no code have been technically verified, BUT if you guys know where to grab such a codes, shut me comments please.

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