Hi Folks,
since in these days seems to be fashion performing DOS attacks (I am obviously referring to the Anonymous Italy section, that seems to have just discovered LOIC) I am to publish a nice ARP dosser written in Perl.

(Click to make it bigger)
It is a quick and simple ARP dosser, you might start from here for building your own LAN multi protocol dosser

3 thoughts on “ ARP Dosser ”

  1. Well, since we are talking about ARP scanning the IP doesn't really count. ARP happens in the local area network asking for MAC address.

    In other words .. you cant arp scanning outside your LAN, and in your LAN you don't need routing protocol, you only need ethernet address (MAC) to send datagrams through it 🙂

    I hope to have answered you question…

  2. Funny how easy it is.
    If you random the source IP, will it be trackable? Is it really changes the source IP, or the routers/servers/etc in the way will change it to the real IP?

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