During some of the past months I’ve been seeking a Malware repository. As you might know there are tons of such repositories but often they aren’t frequently updated and many of them seem outdated. Well, Contagio blog wraps out a good and upgraded Malware collection. Composed as follows:
1) COLLECTION 1 – 251 files (70 MB) – Email attachments from targeted attacks
2) COLLECTION 2 – 10 files (3 MB) – Zero day files Collection of files that were original 0-day files .
3) COLLECTION 3 (from Stephan Chenette) – 118 Files (5MB) – Web exploit pdf files .
4) COLLECTION 4 (from Stephan Chenette) – 10,980 Files (243 MB) – Web exploit pdf files
Awesome and huge collection of files (COLLECTION 3 and 4) kindly provided by Stephan the Great ;), creator of the Fireshark, the web analysis tool.
5) COLLECTION 5 Non-Malicious PDF Collection (from Stephan Chenette) – 6,052 clean files (1.4GB) to make sure your product does not detect them as bad (There is no password on the zip with clean PDFs)
6) COLLECTION 6 http://contagiodump.blogspot.com/2011/03/request-for-samples.html – a few targeted attack samples there.
That’s great, now we now how to find “research young Malware”
Enjoy your Malware hunting

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