After a couple of days in PARADISO (this makes me laugh a lot) I saw a lot of interesting topics a lot of interesting project a lot of innovation on the future of internet. Well at the beginning I was a little bit skeptical about “the future of internet”, who’s able to predict future ? Well these guys can 😀 !  The future of internet will go where the EU will put founds. Again, in this money-driven society the european commission will founds only some kind of researches planning the way to our future. Fortunately it seems that security and privacy is a hot topic in the future of Internet, and I am glad to hear that directly from commission’ members. 

Internet becomes always more important infrastructure for our daily life, we learn from internet, we play with internet, we meet people over internet, we work on internet, we live with it … we are a internet societies

Lets see what kind of Security projects will be financed … 

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